Players from Avon and Elmhurst win $9,767.50 Each Playing New York Lottery


The New York lottery is here to boost your excitement with the latest winning announcements. This time, the New York lottery has two players to honor who is from Avon and Elmhurst in the state of New York.

The team at the New York lottery is glad to share that the players from these areas participated in the same draw and won the top prize. However, as they had won the same prize money, the money was equally split among them.

Draw Details and the Top Prize

The officials have revealed that both players had participated in the March 6 draw for the Take 5 game, which was held midday. The winning numbers for the March 6 (midday) draw were 19-11-9-2-1. The top prize money for the March 6 (midday) draw was $19,535.

However, as there were two lucky winners of the top prize, the $19,535 prize money was split among them. Therefore, both players ended up taking home prize money worth $9,767.50.

$9,767.50 Prize Winner from Avon

The team has confirmed that the winners of the March 6 (midday) draw top prize money were from Avon and Elmhurst.

The Avon player is Joseph Delaney, who purchased his ticket on March 6 (midday) draw ticket from Tops Markets. The particular market is located at 270 East Main Street, Avon.

Delaney revealed that he always participates in every Sunday draw and buys tickets for both the midday and the evening draws. This is the first time Delaney has won prize money playing the New York lottery and he is going to add the money to his Tesla EV purchase budget.

$9,767.50 Prize Winner from Elmhurst

The second winner for the March 6 (midday) was Luke Wood who is a resident from Elmhurst. Hurst had purchased his top prize-winning ticket for the March 6 (midday) draw from Junction Lotto and Stationery. The particular stationery store is located at 57-01 Junction Boulevard, Elmhurst.

Wood revealed that this was the fourth time he participated in the Take 5 lottery. Wood claimed he had never participated in a lottery game before, but looking at his friends winning prizes from Take 5, he decided to go for it.

Therefore, he also decided he should follow his friends and ended up winning $9,767.50. Wood revealed that the first thing he is going to do is celebrate the win with his friends, who inspired him to participate in Take 5 in the first place. Then, he is going to take his children to Disney Land.

Total Prize Wins from March 6 (Midday) Draw

Apart from the top prizes, the March 6 (midday) draw has given out 136 prizes worth $215 each, and 3550 prizes worth $13.50 each. The draw has also given out 30,219 free plays.

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