Three New York Lottery Tickets from Jamaica and West Seneca Win Over $90,000


The New York lottery officials are here to announce winners from two different areas within the New York State. According to the lottery officials, the winners are from Jamaica and West Seneca, who have won top prizes from the Take 5 game.

As always, the Take 5 game, powered by the New York lottery is here to announce more than one winner. It has always kept the tradition alive by making more than one winning announcement. This time, the officials are honoring one or two players from Jamaica, while they are honoring one player from West Seneca.

Jamaica Produces 1 or 2 Top Prize Winners

According to the officials, the Jamaica winner or winners participated in the March 4, draw for the Take 5. The draw that the Jamaica player(s) participated in took place in the evening.

The numbers that the players had to match to win the top prize money for the March 4 (evening) draw were 30-29-23-21-12. The player(s) matched all five numbers to win the top prize money of $46,417 for the March 4 draw.

This is where things become a little tricky, as there were two tickets that won the top prize. Therefore, the $46,417 prize money has been split among the players, each taking home prize money worth $23,208.50.

Surprisingly, both tickets were sold from the same store in Jamaica. As no one has shown up to claim the prize money, it can’t be said if it is one winner with two tickets or two different winners.

For now, the officials are confirmed that both tickets were sold from 117-17 Guy R Brewer Boulevard Liquor. The particular liquor store is located at 11701 Guy R Brewer Boulevard, Jamaica.

Apart from the top prize, 154 players won the tier 2 prize money worth $452 each. There were 5,243 players who won $22 each from tier 3. In total, the March 4 (evening) draw gave away 231,371 in prizes.

West Seneca Produces 1 Top Prize Winner

The next winner is from West Seneca who reportedly tried his luck in the March 5 evening draw for the Take 5 game. Fortunately, the player found himself being the luckiest in the entire New York State on that particular day, as he won the top prize.

The winning numbers for the March 5 (evening) draw were 39-38-26-14-2. The West Seneca matched all five numbers winning the top prize money worth $43,596.

The top prize-winning ticket was purchased from Ebenezer Stop & Shop. The particular store is located at 1850 Union Road, West Seneca.

In addition to the top prize winner, the March 5 (evening) draw gave away $540 to 121 players, and $26.50 to 4106 players respectively. In total, March 5 (evening) has given away $217,745 in prizes.

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