Over 140,000 Cash4Life Officials Win over $700,000 Playing from Two Draws


The Cash4Life officials are back sharing the prize results for two of their latest draws. Although the Cash4Life game is used to share the winning results of the winners individually, this time, it has done things differently.

Instead of talking about the individual wins, the Cash4Life officials are announcing the overall results for two draws. According to the Cash4Life officials, the draws they have picked this time are March 4 & March 5.

It is now time to look at the results of both draws and see how many players were fortunate enough to win prizes.

March 4 Draw Produced 79,084 Winners

The winning numbers for the March 4 Cash4Life draw were 50-15-11-10-7. The Cash ball for the March 4 draw was 1. Unfortunately, the particular draw did not produce a tier 1 or tier 2 winner. This means that no player emerged as the winner of the “$1,000 a day for life” or “$1,000 a week for life” prize.

Coming down to tier 3, the draw granted $2,500 each to 14 participants, which totaled $35,000. Tier 4 granted $500 each to 67 participants, totaling $33,500. Tier 5 granted $100 each to 545 participants, totaling $54,500.

Then comes tier 6 that has granted $25 each to 1,801 participants, totaling $45,025. Tier 7 has granted $10 each to 7,939 participants, totaling $79,390. Tier 8 has granted $4 each to 26,731 participants, totaling $106,924. Lastly, tier 9 has granted $2 each to 41,987 participants, totaling $83,974.

The particular draw has reportedly produced a total of 79,084 winners who took home total prize money of $438313.

March 5 Draw Produced 61392 Winners

Then comes the March 5 draw for Cash4Life that has produced a lesser number of winners than the former draw. The winning numbers for the March 5 draw were 45-42-40-37-17. The Cash ball for the March 5 draw was 2.

Similar to the March 4 draw, the March 5 draw for Cash4Life did not see any player make their way to either of the top two tiers. Therefore, both tiers remained vacant and no one won the top two prizes from the March 5 draw.

Coming down to the latter tiers, the March 5 draw produced 3 tier 3 prize winners, each taking home $2,500 ($7,500 in total). Tier 4 saw 21 participants become the winners, each taking home prize money worth $500 ($10,500 in total).

Tier 5 produced 287 winners taking home $100 each ($28,700 in total). Tier 6 produced 920 winners, each winning $25 ($23,000 in total). Tier 7 produced 5,486 winners, who won $10 each, followed by 16,862 tier 8 winners, taking home $4 each. Lastly, 37,813 winners were produced by tier 9, each taking home $75,626.

According to the officials, the March 5 draw produced a total of 61,392 winners, winning a total of $267,634.

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