New York Lottery Players from Oneida, Staten Island, and Brooklyn Win over $90,000


The New York lottery is here with three major announcements and as always, they are for the top prize winners. It is really exciting for the entire New York lottery management that they get to announce several players at a single time.

All of this has been made possible by one of the major lottery draw games that the New York lottery launched years back. The name of the game is Take 5 and it tends to create many top prize winners on a weekly basis.

The Take 5 draws take place on a daily basis and there are two chances for the participants to win top prizes from the game per day. Take 5 has two draws that take place on a daily basis, where the first draw takes place midday followed by the evening draw.

This time, the New York lottery has three winners of the different draws for the Take 5 game. Out of the three players, two players participated in the evening draws while one participated in the midday draw.

Let us go through the details of the winners and see how much they have won from their participation in the draws.

Oneida Player Wins $20,077.50

The first player is from Oneida who won the top prize money of $20,077.50 from the Take 5 game. The draw that the Oneida player participated in to win the top prize took place on March 26 (midday). The winning numbers for the March 26 (midday) draw for the Take 5 game were 38-35-12-5-20.

The player had purchased the particular ticket from Circle K. The particular store can be found at 4835 Street, Route 365, Oneida.

Staten Island Player Wins $34,013

The Staten Island player tried his luck in the March 27 draw for the Take 5 game, which took place in the evening. The winning numbers for the March 27 (evening) draw were 24-22-21-14-5. Luckily, the player matched all the numbers from the draw, winning the $34,013 prize money.

The ticket was purchased from GianiFoodmart. The particular store is located at 1244 Richmond Road, Staten Island.

Brooklyn Player Wins 36,703.50

The Brooklyn player had purchased his lucky ticket for the March 28 draw for the Take 5 game taking place in the evening. The numbers that the player had to meet from March 28 to win the top prize money were 39-13-10-4-1. The player successfully matched all the numbers winning himself the $36,703.560 prize money.

The player had purchased his $36,703.50 prize-winning ticket from EZ Market. The particular store is located at 5711 6th Avenue, Brooklyn.

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