Two New York Lottery Players win over $1,018,000


The New York lottery is back with two major announcements and this time, the announcements are not for a single game. This time, the New York lottery has decided to change things up. The lottery officials have decided to talk about two winners from the Take 5 game and the US Powerball game.

The Take 5 game is hosted by the New York lottery itself but the US Powerball is managed by the operator in the state of New York.

Therefore, any player winning the US Powerball prizes in the New York State must visit the New York lottery office to claim their prize money. The New York lottery officials are very glad that this time, they had a winner from the New York State winning the tier-2 prize money from the US Powerball game.

The officials have decided to share the winning and the draw details with the players. The players are reportedly from Bronx and Manhattan. The Bronx player has won the Take 5 top prize while the Manhattan player has won the tier-2 prize money for the US Powerball game.

More details related to the draw and the winnings have been laid out below:

Bronx Player Wins $18,744 from Take 5

The officials at the New York lottery have revealed that the Bronx player had participated in the March 29, 2022 draw for the Take 5 game, which took place midday. The winning numbers drawn by the Take 5 officials for the top prize were 32-31-23-19-11. The player matched all the numbers from the draw, winning the top prize money of $18,744 from March 29 draw.

The ticket for the March 29 (midday) draw had been purchased from SJS Pharmacy. The particular store is located at 105 E Burnside Avenue, Bronx.

The March 29 (midday) also produced 61 players who won $460.50 each. The same draw paid out $19 each to 2,418 players, and 25,576 players won the Free Play tickets.

Manhattan Player Wins $1,000,000 from US Powerball

The Manhattan player had purchased his US Powerball ticket for the Wednesday, March 30 draw. The winning numbers for the March 30 drawing were 37-31-21-07-03 and the Powerball number was 11. The Power Play multiplier for the respective draw was X3.

The jackpot prize money for the March 30 draw was $207.1 million but no one was able to match all the numbers to win it. The Manhattan matched the criteria for winning the tier-2 prize money for March 30 draw and took home prize money worth $1,000,000.

The player had picked the “Quick Pick” option purchasing the ticket from Smoke Gift & Convenience. The particular store is located at 342 Canal Street.

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