North Carolina Man Went for Mac and Cheese and Won the Lottery

A mac and cheese run by a North Carolina man helped him get a big-time payoff that he didn’t expect. On Wednesday, Marquette Carraway decided to pick up some mac and cheese for his dinner from a store in Goldsboro. At the last minute, he decided to purchase a $5 Mega Bucks scratch-off lottery ticket.

He told lottery officials that when he reached the counter and the clerk handed him his change, he was about to leave the store. But, something told him to get a lottery ticket. According to the release, he scratched the ticket when he got home and found out that he had won a jackpot prize of $200,000. As soon as he saw the ticket, he called his mother, who was attending a business call at that time.

Carraway told lottery officials that he told her that her business was over now. He also sent a picture of the winning ticket to his mother in order to confirm that he wasn’t just ‘seeing things’. She reassured him that he had certainly won the top prize. The winner decided to claim his prize on Thursday and after taxes, he took home a sum of $141,501. When asked about his plans regarding the prize, the winner said that he was going to buy a house for himself and he was going to get his family everything they hadn’t been able to get before.

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