Grieving Kentucky Father Says Lottery Jackpot will Cover Wife’s Funeral

In Kentucky, a grieving father of 4 said that his large lottery win would come in handy to pay for the funeral expenses of his wife. Earlier this month, Brian Marsh lost his wife after a battle with substance abuse. According to lottery officials, on the day when Mr. Marsh had to complete the very difficult task of picking up her remains, he decided to stop in Erlanger at Good Spirits Wine & Tobacco and bought a couple of scratch-off lottery tickets.

He told the officials that he doesn’t usually spend a lot of money on lottery tickets, but he had decided to buy a scratcher worth $10. Once he scratched the ticket, he said he didn’t expect that he was able to match any numbers. He then returned to the store for cashing his winning ticket and asked the clerk to double-check the $10 scratch-off ticket. When the clerk scanned the said ticket, he delivered some surprising news to Mr. Marsh. The winner was informed that the prize he had won was more than what the store could pay.

According to Marsh, he had no idea how much he had won because he hadn’t bothered scratching off the prize amounts. He checked his ticket again when the store’s scanner showed him an amount of $200,000. He said that he began to yell that he had won $200,000. The number 27 was a match on a Bluegrass Blowout ticket. After taxes, Marsh was given a check for $142,000. He said that the money would help him pay for his wife’s funeral and pay off his debts.

Speaking to the lottery officials, Marsh said that the win had come at a very strange time because his wife wasn’t there to share it with him. He said that he was just holding on.

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