One Lucky Kansas Lottery Winner to Show Up and Claim $538,544


The Kansas Lottery is very excited to announce that a lucky ticket has finally emerged that has won the jackpot prize money. It has been such a long time since a jackpot prize winner had emerged for one of the major games offered by the Kansas Lottery.

The officials have revealed that the lucky winner of the jackpot prize money would be celebrating his win when he/she comes to realize the win. The lottery officials are now anxiously waiting for the winner to make contact with them to go through the necessary formalities.

The lottery officials have confirmed that the jackpot prize win is for the Super Kansas Cash game that is powered by the Kansas Lotter. It is one of the most interesting lottery draw games powered by the Kansas-State Lottery.

It has been around for a while and it is known for giving away huge prizes to lottery participants. The lottery officials like to play the game a lot because it offers a minimum lottery jackpot prize of $100,000. If the prize money is not claimed then it continues building until someone successfully claims it.

The draw for the particular Super Kansas Cash game was held back on July 26, 2021. The lucky numbers drawn to win the draw jackpot prize were 20-19-15-10-1. Apart from the five primary numbers, the lottery officials had also drawn the Cash Ball 9, which is the bonus ball for the draw.

The lucky player who has the jackpot prize-winning ticket in his/her possession has managed to match all the numbers on the ticket. As a result, the player has successfully won the jackpot prize money of $538,544 playing the Super Kansas Cash.

As per the lottery officials, the lucky winner is among the luckiest to have won the jackpot prize money. It is truly the highest level of fortune and lucky to win a jackpot when one is up against several counties within Kansas.

The lottery officials have revealed that the lucky winner is somewhere in the South Central region of Kansas state. However, there are several counties there so it is quite difficult to pinpoint and find the right winner to hand over the prize money to him/her.

The lottery officials are trying to find the player in counties such as Cowley, Sumner, Harper, Barber, Butler, Sedgwick, Kingman, Pratt, Harvey, Reno, Stafford, Marion, McPherson, Rice, and Barton.

The draws for the Super Kansas Cash game are held three days a week. The days include Saturday, Monday, and Wednesday. The minimum jackpot prize for the Super Kansas Cash is $100,000, and it keeps rolling over if not won by any player.

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