Virginia Lottery Waits For $2 Million Powerball Winner to Come Forward


Someone in Virginia won a whopping $2 million in the recent Powerball and they might be unaware of their win.

Virginia Lottery is now waiting for the winner to come forward and claim their enormous prize. The lottery doesn’t know whether the winner even knows about their win and is out hunting for them.

The lottery officials encourage all players to check their tickets so that the winner can duly be untied with their winnings. Sometimes players forget about their tickets, therefore, they’re advised to check drawers, clothes’ pockets, and all potential places where they could’ve kept the tickets.

It was on Monday that the Virginia Lottery announced about the $2 million winning tickets that were purchased in Chesapeake. In Powerball’s Saturday draw the winner ended up matching the five main numbers, 1-4-11-59-67 and that is how they landed those millions. Under normal circumstances matching five main numbers lands the winner $1 million, however, this winner was rather luckier and wiser. The mystery winner had spent an extra dollar and opted for the Power Play which was 2X for this particular draw. The Power Play multiplied the Chesapeake winner’s windfall twofold thereby adding it up to $2 million.

The lucky ticket was purchased by the unknown winner from a Chesapeake Food Lion. The lucky store will also receive a bonus of $10,000 for vending the $2 million Powerball entry. It is a lucky day for the store as well since it has not just made some instant cash but also garnered publicity. The news about the winner will for sure attract more foot traffic to the store now.

A total of five players won $1 million on this particular draw, however, only two managed to double their winnings. The origin of the remaining four tickets to have matched five numbers is not known yet.

All winners are reminded from time to time that Powerball tickets have an expiry and the claim must be made within the stipulated time. The expiry timeframe depends on the jurisdiction that sold the winning ticket and can range from anywhere between ninety days to one year.

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