Jose Calderon from Orlando Wins $21.25 Playing Florida Lotto


The Florida Lotto team is proud to announce the winning of Jose Calderon, who has won a prize of a lifetime playing the Florida Lotto. Jose Calderon is the luckiest man in the month of July in the entire Florida State to have won such large prize money.

The Florida Lotto officials have announced that Jose Calderon is a 55-year-old lottery player from Orlando. The player has emerged as the new multi-million dollar winner playing the Florida Lotto.

As per the officials, Jose Calderon had decided to play the Florida Lotto jackpot game. The draw for the particular game was held back on July 14, 2021. There were millions on participated in the particular draw on the respective draw date. However, Jose Calderon emerged as the only jackpot prize winner and his luck has helped him win a huge fortune.

The lottery officials have confirmed that playing the Florida Lotto Jackpot game has won Calderon huge prize money of $21.25 million. Jose Calderon reportedly visited the Tallahassee office of the Florida Lotto, which is also its headquarters.

Prior to Calderon’s visit to the headquarters, the Florida Lotto officials had already spoken with him. They had walked him through the entire process of claiming the prize money and which day, and time he was going to make an appearance.

Finally, the day came when Calderon visited the lottery headquarters and claimed his prize money from there. As per the officials, Calderon was not alone when he visited the lottery headquarters. He had his entire family accompanying him when he came to collect his $21.25 million jackpot prize money.

Calderon stated that he could have come all by himself, but he wanted his children to remember the day and cherish the moment when their lives changed forever. The player even brought along his parents and his beloved wife to receive the prize money.

The player stated that no matter the situation, his family has always stood by him and especially, his parents that have always been there. The player stated that he is definitely going to share some of the money with his parents so they can also enjoy their lives.

The player had the option of going for a one-time lump or for monthly installments. However, Calderon went for the one-time lump sum amount that helped him take home $16,473,377.39

Jose Calderon had reportedly purchased his lucky jackpot prize-winning ticket from the Casselberry Meat ad Produce shop. It is located at 2655 South US Highway 17-92, Casselberry.

The store has also received a bonus commission for giving away a ticket that landed such large prize money for Jose Calderon.

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