Participants from Nassau, Schenectady, and Queens Win $97,710 Playing New York Lottery


It is time to replenish your entertainment and joy with three major winning announcements that the New York lottery has readied for you. Once again, the New York lottery officials have thanked the entire lottery community for their strong dedication and support.

Majority of the states in the United States offer lottery games and the New York lottery is among the top three in terms of generating the highest lottery sales every year.

Such a huge achievement is only possible with the strong support and participation of the people living in the New York State as well as neighboring states.

Over time, the fame of the New York lottery has brought it to the online channel as well. The numbers of online participants of the New York lottery is also increasing tremendously. Therefore, you can also benefit from it and the game it offers are awesome.

One of the biggest achievements of the New York lottery is the “Take 5” game that belongs to the lottery draw classification. If you’re thinking its draw takes place two or thrice a week, then get ready to be shocked. The Take 5 draws happen daily and it is not just a single draw but two draws that are held daily.

The players have the opportunity of winning a few hundred bucks to several grands. Due to the draw intensity of Take 5, the New York lottery makes several announcements for the game on a regular basis.

As always, the New York lottery has three players it would like to honor who participated in different draws for the Take 5 game. These players participated from areas such as Nassau, Schenectady, and Queens, and all three of them won the top prizes from the respective draws.

The New York lottery officials have shared a few details about these winners and the respective draws so let us go through them one-by-one:

Nassau Player Won $21,078

The Nassau player participated in the March 18 (midday) draw. The winning numbers for the March 18 (midday) draw were 38-31-28-24-10. The Nassau player won $21,078 from the respective draw and had purchased the ticket from Fortune Smoke Shop. The particular store is located at 527 Old Country Road, Westbury.

Schenectady Player Won $41,023.50

The Schenectady player participated in the March 19 (midday) draw and its winning numbers were 28-19-12-9-2. The Schenectady player won $41,023.50 from the ticket he had purchased from Stewart’s Shops. The particular shop is located at 50 Freemans Bridge Road, Schenectady.

Queens Player Won $35,608.50

As for the Queens player, he participated in the evening draw that took place on March 19, and its winning numbers were 36-22-21-20-15. The player won $35,608.50 from the ticket he acquired from Maruti 6903. The store is located at 69-03 Northern Boulevard, Woodside.

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