New York Lottery Participants from Jamaica, Syracuse, and Williamson Win $49,538.50


The New York lottery officials are back with a major announcement surrounding three of the luckiest people from New York. This time, the players the New York lottery is honoring are from Jamaica, Syracuse, and Williamson.

These players were the luckiest participants in the lottery draws they participated in and won the top prizes. The game they all participated in is known as Take 5.

Take 5 is one of the most popular draw games that the New York lottery has to offer. You can participate in this game two times per day, and the game is played 7-days a week.

Take 5 is played by most of the lottery players in the state of New York. This is because the draws for the game are quick and the numbers for the game are also easy to match.

The New York lottery officials have also confirmed that out of the three players, two participated in the same draw. While the third player participated in another draw for the Take 5 game.

$30,403 Prize Winners from Jamaica and Syracuse

The lottery officials have confirmed that the players from Jamaica and Syracuse both participated in the March 18 draw. The March 18 draw had taken place in the evening. The winning numbers for the March 18 (evening) draw were 32-29-21-13-8.

From the March 18 draw, the players matched all five numbers winning huge prize money. As there were two players, the prize money has, therefore, been split equally among the players.

The total prize money for the March 18 (evening) draw was $30,403. However, as the prize money was split equally, each player took home prize money worth $15,201.50.

Out of the two players, the Jamaica player had purchased the $15,201.50 prize-winning ticket from Rochdale Mall Wins & Liquors. The particular store is located at 165-78 Baisley Boulevard, Jamaica.

The Syracuse player had purchased the $15,201.50 prize-winning ticket from Delles Corner Store. The 2101 West Genesee Street, Syracuse.

$19,135.50 Prize Winner from Williamson

The Williamson participant of the New York lottery had participated in the March 21, draw for the Take 5 game. The particular (March 21) draw had taken place midday.

The winning numbers for the March 21 (midday) draw were 37-34-26-24-2. The top prize money for matching all five numbers was $19,135.50. The Williamson player purchased his March 21 (midday) draw ticket from Breen’s IGA. The particular store is located at 4090 Pearsall Street, Williamson.

Both players have demonstrated high gains from their restive draw amount. In total, all three players participated in the draws and won a total of 49,538.50.

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