Time to Congratulate Steven Coleman for Winning $100,000 Playing US Powerball


Just when you thought that the US Powerball no longer had any exciting announcements to make, it is here to prove you wrong. If you are a fan of US Powerball, then it is completely out of the question it would let you feel bored.

The US Powerball is always here to boost your confidence so you can continue playing the game. If you haven’t participated in the US Powerball and are still making up your mind, then this announcement would definitely compel you to play it.

The US Powerball lottery is dedicated to filling the lives of people with joy and peace of mind. The officials always want to see you happy and this is the reason, they keep looking for ways to keep you entertained and excited.

Steven Coleman Won $100,000 from the US Powerball

For your entertainment, US Powerball has decided to share the winning story of Steven Coleman. Steven is a huge inspiration for the entire lottery community and the true definition of one being calm and collected.

Coleman is a resident from Fayetteville who is a diehard fan of the US Powerball. He has participated in the US Powerball for over 15 years and he only won a few prizes participating in the US Powerball game.

He is now among the luckiest of the winners in Fayetteville to have won huge prize money playing the US Powerball.

Coleman reportedly participated in the March 9 draw for the US Powerball that won him prize money worth $100,000. The winning numbers for the March 9 draw for the US Powerball game were 67-51-34-22-13. The red Powerball number for the March 9 drawing was 2X.

The jackpot prize money for the March 9 draw was $99.4 million but unfortunately, no player won it. Coleman was attempting to win the jackpot prize money from the game.

Still, he is among the luckiest who won huge prize money playing in the March 9 US powerful.  Coleman reportedly matched the four primary numbers and the red number from the March 9 draw. This helped him win prize money worth $100,000.

Initially, Coleman had won prize money worth $50,000, but then the Power Play option kicked in, which reportedly doubled his prize money to $100,000.

Coleman had purchased the particular ticket from the Circle K Mart. The powerful store is located at South McPherson Church Road, Fayetteville.

Plans made by Steven Coleman

Coleman has revealed that the money he has won is going to be a huge push in his life. Most importantly, he will be able to take his daughters to Disney Land and have the best time of their lives there.

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