Paul Christensen from Orange County Wins $2 Million Playing Mega Millions


The Virginia Lottery is here to announce the new multi-million dollar winner who has won the prize money playing one of the largest lottery games. The lottery officials have revealed that the name of the lucky winner is Paul Christensen.

The officials have confirmed that Paul Christensen had gone for the Mega Millions lottery. There is only one lottery game in the entire world that can compete with Mega Millions when it comes to the player base, sales, and prizes. So far, only the Powerball Lottery has been able to compete with it on the same level.

The Mega Millions lottery has given out the highest lottery jackpot prizes in the history of lottery games, where $1.5 billion worth of prizes are also on the list.

Although, the prize money won by Paul Christensen is not that high, yet it is enough to help Christensen live the rest of his life with ease and comfort. The Virginia Lottery is extremely excited to share the story of how Christensen has won the lottery prize.

To everyone’s shock, Christensen informed the officials that he never wanted to play the game, to begin with. However, he went ahead with the ticket because all his friends wanted to go for the game. Therefore, he did not want to feel left out on all the fun so he decided to go for the game as well.

It is quite unfortunate for Christensen that he did not match all the numbers on the ticket, otherwise, he would have much more than fun and entertainment. The officials have revealed that Christensen only managed to match the first five numbers from the ticket but could not match the bonus ball.

If he had matched the bonus ball as well then the prize money would have been something far more different and higher than what he won.

The lottery officials have confirmed that Christensen purchased the ticket alongside his friends from the BP-Shorts Food Mart. The particular mart is located at 24085 Constitution Highway, Unionville. The lottery ticket he had purchased was for the draw held back on May 18, 2021.

Christensen informed the officials that he was not into the game at all and let the computer choose the numbers for him. Surprisingly, he totally forgot about the ticket and never checked it. Then he met up with his friends in mid of July, where they decided to check their tickets.

The rest of his friends found no match to win them a prize but for Christensen, it was a completely different story.

The player ended up matching the first five primary numbers and he ended up winning a $5 million prize playing the Mega Millions lottery.

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