Players from Howard Beach, Brooklyn, and Bronx Win $33,460.50 Playing New York Lottery


Time to get rid of the boredom that you may be going through with something new coming from the New York lottery. You will be surprised to hear how many people have won the top prizes playing the same draw for one of the New York lottery games.

It is quite remarkable for multiple players to be able to win the top prize playing the same lottery draw. Today, you will get to know about the wins of three lucky winners who are from Howard Beach, Brooklyn, and the Bronx.

You must know that the New York lottery hosts many lottery games. These games are offered in the form of scratch cards and lottery draws. However, it is the Take 5 lottery draw that tends to produce many winners on a weekly basis.

The game even tends to produce dozens of top prize winners from the same draws on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. If you are interested to know about the drawing, then you can continue reading. I’m sure you won’t feel bored but energized and determined to participate in the lottery games yourself.

Draw Details

The lottery draw for the Take 5 game in which all three players participated was held on May 30, in the evening time. The winning numbers for the May 30 (evening) draw were 31-26-20-9-7.

The top prize money for the respective draw was $33,460.50 (tier-1). The tier-2 prize money for the draw was $411, the tier-3 prize money was $22.50. Then it was the tier-4 prize money, which was the “Free Play” option for the winners.

Winners from the May 30 Draw

The May 30 draw produced three lucky winners who were able to claim the top prize money.

The first player is Amber Joyce, who is a resident of Howard Beach. She had purchased her top prize winner from Brahimi Krupa. You can find the store at 161-04 Crossbay Boulevard, Howard Beach.

The second player was Timothy Fitzgerald who took an equal share of the top prize money as the rest of the winners. Timothy had purchased her top prize-winning ticket from Salahi Deli Grocery. The store is located at 1224 Cortelyou Road, Brooklyn.

The third player was Kevin Olsen who was also part of the same draw. Olsen purchased his ticket from SJS Pharmacy. The particular store is located at 105 East Burnside Avenue, Bronx.

As all three players won the top prize money from the draw, they were to equally distribute the $33,460.50 amount among each other. From the draw, each player has taken home prizes worth $11,153.50.

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