Diane Barbara Finally Comes Out to Claim Her $1,000,000 Prize from Mega Millions


Diane Barbara is glad she checked her Mega Millions at the right time. It had been several months since the Mega Millions officials had been looking for the $1,000,000 winner from a draw that took place back in February 2022.

As the officials were at no luck finding the winner, they had no choice but to let it be. Now, it was up to the winner to show up and claim the prize money/herself.

Finally, Barbara showed up to claim her prize money and now she has big plans with the money she has won. She had her own story to share about not being able to show up earlier to claim her prize.

Before we get into the winning story of Diane Barbara, it’ll be better if we look at the details of the draw.

Draw Details

The particular draw that helped Diane Barbara become a winner was held back on February 22, 2022. The winning numbers for the draw were 62-57-22-17-6 and the “Mega Ball” number was 3. The “Megaplier” for the respective draw was set to 3X.

In regards to the jackpot details, the jackpot prize money set for the draw was $75 million in an annuity plan. As for the cash prize, the jackpot amount was set to $50.1 million.

Diane Barbara’s $1,000,000 Win

The winner told the officials she had bought her Mega Millions’ February 22 ticket from Smokes 4 Less. The store is located at 982 Main Street, Fishkill.

Diane Barbara confirmed she had selected the auto-pick option when purchasing the ticket. She didn’t have enough money on her, which is why she didn’t go for any extra winning options.

If only she had added the “Megaplier” option, she could have taken home $3,000,000. Diane Barbara revealed that it was her 100th draw for the Mega Millions game she had participated in.

Finally, her century celebration turned into a celebration of $1,000,000 prize money. She matched all five primary numbers from the February 22 draw, making her a millionaire in the process.

Winning Story of Diane Barbara

With the draw and winning details out of the way, it is time to talk about Barbara’s win. She told the officials that she had the ticket on her for a while but she had absolutely forgotten about it.

She is used to participating in the Mega Millions lottery draws that take place at the beginning of the month. As this was an unusual thing for her, she completely forgot about it. She was cleaning her purse when she found the ticket. She checked it out only to learn she had won $1,000,000.

Barbara is now planning to buy a new house and she has already started her search. She is looking for a house that is within the range of $400,000. She took home $651,000 from the draw after tax deductions.

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