Three Tickets Win $126 Million Jackpot Prize Playing AUS Powerball


You will be surprised to know that after several months, a lucky syndicate has made its appearance to claim its jackpot prize. The syndicate made the appearance to claim the jackpot prize money they had won back in February of 2022.

The officials have decided to first talk about the lottery draw details for the AUS Powerball draw. Then the officials will proceed with sharing details of the jackpot prize-winners.

$126 Million Jackpot from February 2022

According to the lottery officials, it was the February 24 draw for the AUS Powerball game. The winning numbers for the February 24 draw were 33-28-32-27-9-15-6 and the Powerball number was 8.

Winners and Winning Tickets

The jackpot prize money for the particular draw was $126 million. Technically, three tickets won the jackpot prize money worth $126 million.

The most surprising detail of the draw is that despite being two tickets winning the jackpot prize, a total of 251 players won a share of the prize money.

One ticket belonged to a lucky player from Coffs Harbour and the old man alone took home prize money worth $63 million.

The other two tickets belonged to a couple from Kalgoorlie, who are part of a syndicate comprising 250 members. The couple (Deborah and Rodney Bottica) had the same numbers on their individual tickets that successfully won them the jackpot prize money.

However, being part of the syndicate meant that the money would be equally divided among all the members. Therefore, their $63 million prize money was equally distributed among all the members, amounting to $252,000.

For the couple, it was a lucky win because both their tickets won $252,000 each, bringing them over half a million dollars.

Where the Winners Purchased Their Tickets from

The Coffs Harbour player had purchased his $63 million prize-winning tickets from Coffs New. The couple whose tickets won the jackpot prize money was from one of the local news agencies in Kalgoorlie. The couple revealed the very news agency had helped them form a syndicate that has now reached 250 members.

Plans for the Winners

All the winners of the particular jackpot prize had different plans to share with the money they had won. The couple told the officials that they were a travel agency company and they were on the verge of closing down. Now, they have the money to manage their finance well and re-establish themselves as things are coming back to normal.

Other members told the officials they will be helping out their families and friends who were badly impacted by the pandemic.

As for the $63 million prize winner, he has a new car, a new house, a vacation, and luxurious life on his wish list.

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