No Winner for R40m in Saturday Night’s Draws


The Lotto dividends for the draws scheduled for May 28th, Saturday, turned out to be a total washout. None of the competitions had any outright winners, which means that there is likely to be a triple rollover in the coming week. According to the Lotto dividends, there were 52 people who were able to match five numbers in the draw on Saturday night and won R5 470. There was not even a single player who was able to match every number and none of them managed to get the bonus ball, along with the five numbers.

There were 18 players who walked away with a dividend of about R10 989.50, as they matched four numbers and the bonus ball as well. 97 players were able to match four numbers as well as the bonus ball, so they got R2 327. The main draw also saw 1,917 players who were able to guess all four numbers correctly and they got a reward of R197 each.

The biggest winners in the Lotto 1 draw were two players who got a dividend of about R89 155, as they managed to match the five numbers and the bonus ball as well. The second place was taken by 26 players who won R4 572, as they managed to match four numbers and the bonus ball. Next were 79 players who matched four numbers and the bonus ball to win R1 867, while there were 2,055 players who matched the four numbers only and took home a moderate prize of about R173.

There were no winners for the third and final Lotto draw on Saturday where the Plus 2 prize is concerned, but there were two people who matched five numbers as well as a bonus ball. These players got R84 333. Anyone who managed to match five numbers won R3 877, while those who matched four numbers and the bonus ball would receive R1 860.

Now, the jackpot of the three lottery draws combined is about R48.5 million and it will now roll over, with the next draw happening on Wednesday, June 1st. The prize for the first Lotto draw is about R6 million, but the main event would be the Lotto Plus 1 draw, as its prize is about R31.5 million. Meanwhile, the prize for the Lotto Plus 2 is set at about R11 million. Players all over South Africa will be tempted to try for such a prize.

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