Stoke-on-Trent Neighbors in Tears over Lottery Win


An early Christmas present is currently being enjoyed by hundreds of people living in one specific part of the Potteries, as they were able to share out a lottery prize worth £3.1 million. Likewise, there are four neighbors in Longton who had their postcode drawn in the People’s Postcode Lottery, which earned them a prize of £381,182 each. 

Danyl Johnson, the lottery ambassador popped up to give the good news to the lottery winner. They were able to record a video of the moment one of the lucky came to know that they were about to receive a six-figure cheque. Players are required to pay £10 a month for participating and a winning postcode is announced on a daily basis. The postcode that was picked out this time was ST3 2RA and this meant that there were a total of four winners who received a six-figure cheque. 

Meanwhile, there were also 812 players who belonged to the postcode ST3 2 and they were also celebrating because they were able to collect prizes between £1,769 and £10,614, depending on the number of tickets they had. Danyl Johnson went to Glencoe Street for handing over the £381,182 cheque to Dawn and her husband, Gary Simpson. 

The 40-year old Dawn stated that she was over the moon upon receiving the cheque and said that it was a life-changing sum of money. She said that she was excited for everyone because they deserved it. Gary, her husband, works as a doorman and security guard and said that they had won money before as well, but it was nowhere close to this figure. He said they would probably go on holiday somewhere, someplace they can take their dog and go as a family. 

He added that they could also think about moving because they wanted a bigger house and they cannot get it through the council, unless they have exceptional circumstances. He stated that his knees were not in good condition, so they had always thought about getting a bungalow. Now, they could get a nice place that would include a yard for the dog to run around. 

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