Three Lucky Players win over $67,000 Playing “The Numbers Wins”


It is for the first time “The Numbers Wins” is here to share the excitement it has been sharing among its lottery community. The Numbers Wins has been around for an ample amount of time paying out huge prizes to the players all over the United States.

The Numbers Wins is growing larger in size and it is gaining the attention of many players from all over the country. Many players winning prizes through “The Numbers Wins” have shared their stories and the journey they have passed before coming to The Numbers Wins a game.

Many players revealed that they were playing other major lottery games in the past such as Lucky for Life, Cash 5 with Quick Cash, US Powerball, and more. However, they never managed to win prize money playing either of the games.

Therefore, they started switching to different games to try and see if new games could bring in more luck for them. Finally, “The Numbers Wins” game turned out to be the right all for them and the players started winning huge prizes.

This time, there are four wins that The Numbers Wins has to share, where two wins were claimed by a single player. The lottery officials have revealed that out of the four players, one player won prize money worth $35,832. The second player won the prize money worth $10,208. The third player won the third and the fourth prize money for the game that was worth $10,832 each.

In total, the three players ended up winning prizes worth $67,704 in total. The Numbers Wins officials have revealed that the first player is from Central Falls, the second player is from Johnston, and the third winner is from Pawtucket.

It is really amazing that three players have won different prizes playing the game, and they all participated in the same draw.

The team has confirmed that the Central Falls players had participated in the October 29, 2021 draw for The Numbers Wins a game. The draw resulted in the player winning $35,832.

The Johnston player participated in the October 13, 2021 draw for The Numbers Wins. The draw resulted in the player winning $10,208.

The Pawtucket player participated in the October 22, 2021 draw for The Numbers Wins. The draw resulted in the player winning $21,664 worth of prize money. The player had two lucky tickets that had the same winning numbers on them. This resulted in the player winning prize money worth $21,664 in total.

The Central Falls player had purchased his lucky ticket from Caribbean Multi Services Inc. The Johnston player had purchased his ticket from Colbea Enterprises. The Pawtucket player had purchased his tickets from D&B Liquors.

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