The OZ Lotto Makes another Lottery Player a Millionaire


Just when people start thinking there is no hope or luck in the world, Lotterywest comes up to change this perception. Throughout the year when people from the entire world were trying to keep food on their tables, Lotterywest was busy making people millionaires.

Being in business since 1932, Lotterywest is considered to be one of the oldest lotteries in the entire world. So far the lottery is 88-years old and in a matter of 12-years, it will achieve an entire century.

Ever since its launch, the Lotterywest has been helping the entire Australian population play and have the opportunity of changing their lives. It has helped millions of families celebrate in happiness and make their wishes come true.

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Coming back to the current year, when the entire world was hit by the pandemic and people were losing faith, Lotterywest was trying to make a difference with its present.

Some may say that this year has been the unluckiest for them but the Lotterywest players would disagree. In the running year, Lotterywest has given out several millionaire dollar prizes to lucky winners. There are many people in Western Australia that are now living a high-life after becoming millionaires through Lotterywest.

This time, the Lotterywest (WA) has delivered prize money of $5.9 million to another lucky winner of the OZ Lotto. The Lotterywest has revealed that it is the second 1st division prize money that has been given out within three weeks.

The winner of the $5.9 prize for the OZ Lotto is a resident of the southern suburbs of Perth. The woman (winner) told the lottery that she had not intended of buying an OZ Lotto ticket when she visited the store ‘The Lucky Charm Waikiki.

She had only gone there to buy herself a book from a newsagent but they did not have it. Before she left the newsagent, the OZ Lotto caught her eye and instead of buying the book, she ended up purchasing a Slikpik 18. To her surprise, the ticket matched all the numbers for the OZ Lotto’s jackpot prize money of $5.9 million.

The winner told that she has been playing lotteries for a long time and the max she had ever won was sixty-six dollars. But this is the biggest surprise of her life and she is thankful that during such hard times, she has the opportunity to retire and spend her days fulfilling her wishes.

This win follows right after the biggest WA win in the current year with a whopping prize figure of $7.5 million. Even the spokesperson from the Lotterywest stated that this is the 5th division one prize that their lottery has given out in the running year since May 2020.

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