A US Power Lotto Player from Queensland Bags a Huge Win


It is true that out of all the lotteries around the world, the United States lotteries are the ones with the most opportunities and huge prizes. But it does not mean that lotteries from other countries are small and meager. Every year, the Australian lotteries generate huge funds from the lottery games they offer to the Australian citizens.

While there are many lotteries currently being offered in Australia, ‘The Lottery Office’ is considered to be at the top. Every year, the ‘The Lottery Office’ offers players many chances of winning life-changing prizes. There is an enormous number of players that buy lottery tickets from ‘The Lottery Office’ for each draw.

However, every lottery tends to share one particular concern and that is the unclaimed prizes. The same case is with The Lottery Office as it has mentioned on numerous occasions that many of its prizes remain unclaimed and are then sent to charities after expiration.

But to tackle this particular scenario, The Lottery Office takes an entirely different approach. With its new maneuver, The Lottery Office has shown that it is willing to go the extra mile to reach out to its winners.

While the only extra approach the lotteries make are share state and store location where the prize-winning ticket was sold from, The Lottery Office actually calls the winners to notify them.

Just recently, The Lottery Office shared the information of a similar case where it called a lucky winner. The winner is a 38-year-old woman who is a resident of Redland (South East Queensland).

The player was lucky enough to win the $42,600 prize money from the Queensland USA Power Lotto powered by The Office Lottery.

The Lottery Office shared information about how they approached the winner and how she reacted after finding she had won. As part of its practice, The Lottery Office contacted the winner on her number but was not able to get a hold of her in the first attempt.

Then the Lottery Office approached the player again and connected with her. When informed about the win, the winner could not believe that she had actually won a prize. She was flabbergasted to know that she had actually managed to win $42,600 from the Power Lotto.

The Lottery Office confirmed that the particular date for the draw was September 6, 2020, where the lucky numbers were drawn were 15-21-22-27-47. In addition to the initial numbers, the Power Number drawn was 07.

The player’s ticket managed to match 3 sets of numbers that were 15-21-47 along with the Power ball 07.

The player revealed that she regularly plays The Lottery Office lotteries but she never once had such a huge win. The player stated that they were planning to buy a boat for themselves but now the boat will get bigger.

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