Three Lucky Tickets Playing Pennsylvania Lottery have Won $3,000,000 in Total


One of the most noticeable and immensely played state-backed lottery, the Pennsylvania Lottery is here at your service with three new announcements. Like most of the times, the Pennsylvania Lottery again has announcements of three lucky tickets that have won huge prizes playing PA Lottery games.

In the United States, the Pennsylvania Lottery has a lot of respect and reputation all over the country. It is because the PA Lottery provides players with the prospects of winning huge rewards and altering their lives endlessly.

Although the three tickets have been sold in three different areas, yet the winners of each prize are yet to show up and claim the prize money.

While two of the tickets are not that old, but one ticket is older than a month and still awaits its rightful winner to show up and take it away.

At the Pennsylvania Lottery, the duration of claiming the prize money is an entire year. However, most of the winners claim their prizes within the first month of winning a reward. Therefore, if a player does not show up for a week, the Pennsylvania Lottery launches a search operation for the winners with hopes of finding the authentic/legit winner.

The first ticket in question is the oldest one that was sold in Northampton County. The particular ticket was for the draw held back on Wednesday, June 16, 2021, and it was for the “Cash 5 with Quick Cash” game. This game is a lottery draw game and has been powered by the Pennsylvania Lottery.

The particular ticket had reportedly been purchased by the unknown winner from the Blue Start Quik Stop shop. It is located at 2734 Mountain View Drive, Bath. The store management is also eligible for a reward for selling the ticket, which is in the form of a $500 bonus commission.

The lottery draw numbers for the top prize winners were 43-30-28-14-7 and luckily, the player matched all five numbers, winning the $150,000 top prize.

The second ticket was also for the “Cash 5 with Quick Cash” game. The ticket was reportedly purchased by the winner from the city of Philadelphia. The draw for the ticket was held back on Tuesday, July 6, 2021. The winning numbers drawn for the draw were 43-39-29-20-7. As a result of the draw, the ticket ended up winning the top prize money of $1,098,672.

The lucky ticket was purchased from Front Page News, which is located at 1801 West Oregon Avenue, Philadelphia. For helping players win such a large amount, the store is also receiving a bonus commission of $10,000.

The last ticket is also for the former games and it was sold in Allegheny County. The game was for the draw held back on Monday, July 19, 2021. The ticket matched all five lucky numbers: 42-39-29-17-13 winning top prize money of $1,760,999.

The ticket was sold from Bavarian Beer, which is located at 2550 Brownsville Road, South Park Township. The store is also entitled to a $10,000 bonus commission.

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