Three Players Genesee County and Suffolk County Won $5,000,000 Playing New York Lottery


The New York lottery officials are back and today, they are back with a unique announcement. Today, instead of honoring and talking about winners from its major lottery draw games, the officials are honoring scratch-off winners.

The New York lottery officials are glad to reveal that all three players have become millionaires playing the scratch-off games. All three participants took part in different scratch-off games powered by the New York lottery.

Out of the three players, one player was from Genesee County and the two players were from Suffolk County. These players successfully won $1 million, $3 million, and $1 million in the respective order. Let us go through their winning details and see what led to their winnings.

25X The Cash Winner from Genesee County

The Genesee County player purchased his ticket for the 25X The Cash game. The name of the winner is Carl Ribbeck Jr. The player purchased the scratch-off ticket for the particular game on April 3, 2022. As the player scratched the ticket, turns out he ended up winning the $1,000,000 prize.

The Batavia player had purchased his $1,000,000 prize-winning ticket from Harry’s Niagara. The particular store is located at 563 East Main Street, Batavia.

Carl decided to receive his ticket in a one-time lump sum and after the tax deductions, he took home $579,390. Carl revealed he is going to pay off his mortgage and sell his house for a good price. He plans on buying a bigger house with a bigger garage where he can build his dream car.

X Series: 50X Winner from Suffolk County

The Suffolk County player had purchased his X Series: 50X ticket on April 5, 2022. The name of the winner is Jason Pacholk and he successfully won prize money worth $3,000,000 from the particular game.

Jason, who is currently living in Rocky Point, revealed that he had purchased his ticket from 7-Eleven. The particular store was located at 374 Route 25A, Rocky Point.

Jason also decided to take home the prize money in the form of a one-time lump sum payment. Therefore, Jason took home $1,638,893 after tax deductions.

Lady Luck Doubler Winner from Suffolk County

Victoria Alonso was also from Suffolk County and purchased her Lady Luck Doubler scratch-off ticket on April 7, 2022. From the ticket, she ended up winning $1,000,000. She had purchased the ticket from Stop & Shop. The particular store is located at 2350 North Ocean Avenue.

Victoria also had the option of receiving her prize money in the form of an annuity. However, she decided to go with a one-time lump sum. As a result, she took home prize money worth $585,900 after tax deductions.

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