Total of $205,000 worth of Lottery Prizes Distributed Among Delaware Lottery Players


Although the year 2020 was bad, yet the year 2021 has turned out to be the best for the Delaware Lottery players. Ever since the year started, there has been a number of players who had their lives changed from the lottery prizes they have managed to win.

This time, the Delaware Lottery has taken the opportunity to congratulate all the winners for their lucky wins. There are a total of nine players who have managed to win big prizes that have won $205,000 worth of prizes.

The Delaware Lottery has revealed there are a total of three lottery prizes for the “Six Figures” game powered by the DE Lottery. There was one player from Florida who managed to win the lottery prize for $10,000. The second player was from Townsend who managed to win prize money of $10,000. The last player that has won a big prize from the “Six Figures” lottery game is from Maryland. The player has won prize money for $10,000.

Then there is a player from Clayton who was lucky enough to have started her year with a huge prize. The player had won $50,000 from the Powerball Lottery.

Then there is a player from Lewes who had luck go in his favor as he gets to enjoy the New Year with his family. As per the Delaware Lottery, the player has won huge prize money of $10,000 from the Merry Money game.

There is another player from Lewes that has managed to win a huge prize from the Merry Money game. The prize that the player has managed to win is $10,000.

From the last three prize wins, the first prize was won by a player from Dagsboro. The Delaware Lottery has revealed that the prize that the player managed to win was for Ca$h Club. The prize money that the player managed to bag was $40,000.

The second prize was for the player from Dover who managed to win the prize for the Top Dollar lottery game. The player found himself to be the luckiest for winning the life-changing prize of $50,000.

The last prize on the list but definitely for the year 2021 was won by a man from Wilmington. The player was among the luckiest of the people from Wilmington who managed to win a lottery prize from the Red, White & Blue 7.  The lucky player had the life-changing opportunity of winning a prize of $15,000.

Thus, the Delaware Lottery has congratulated all the players and wished all of them the very best of luck for their future lives. The Delaware Lottery has also encouraged all the players to keep participating in the lottery games as they could be the next lucky winners.

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