A Couple from Katanning Wins More than a Million from Lotterywest


Whenever there is a mention of some of the oldest lottery games, the lotteries from Australia are always counted among them. The majority of the lotteries offered by Australia are almost a century old and have been helping the citizens from Australia win big and change their lives.

Even during the pandemic, the Australian lotteries have played a huge role in keeping the country entertained and excited through numerous lottery games. Hundreds of thousands of lottery players have had the opportunity to win lottery prizes during the pandemic. However, there are no signs of the Australian Lotteries ever stopping to help the citizens of the country.

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The Lotterywest has recently announced the story of a couple from Katanning who was lucky enough to win a huge prize. With the win, the couple will have the opportunity to start a new life and have a wonderful beginning for the New Year.

The Lotterywest has revealed that this is not the only win that has been claimed by someone from Katanning. The town is located in the South-East of Perth and has managed to produce more than just one lucky winner over the course of time.

By winning the prize, the couple has become the latest Division One winners for the Lotterywest. It was on the last weekend that the couple got to know that they had won over a million dollars from the draw.

To be precise, the couple managed to win prize money of AUD$1,428,571 from the “Slikpik 30” game. The couple informed that they had been purchasing the tickets for “Slikpik 30” for the past 12 months. They informed that they had been using the same numbers on the ticket for the past 12 months but did not manage to win anything.

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The couple had decided that they were going to change the system and the numbers they were playing for so long. However, the husband informed that he suddenly had this urge of playing the ticket again, which turned out to be the luckiest win ever.

The couple found themselves to be the luckiest when they ended up winning the prize money of AUD$1,428,571. The couple was extremely excited and delighted about the win and could not believe they had won it big.

The couple informed that to win the prize money, they will be getting their house refurbed, purchase a new car, and most importantly, go on a long holiday to some of the best places across the world.

The couple had purchased the ticket from the Katanning Lottery Centre. The owner of the store “Richard Kowald” congratulated the couple for their lucky win. He informed that he has been serving several lottery players for the past 22 years. This is the first time a couple has purchased a ticket from his store and won a jackpot prize.

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