Woman Wins $1 Million from Scratch-Off Ticket for Monopoly Jackpot Game


The Florida Lottery brings forth the story of a lucky woman who had the stars shining on her. The player had the opportunity to win it big and start her New Year as well as new life with a bang.

The previous year has been harsh and financially cruel on the majority of the world’s population. The financial and economic condition of the entire world worsened when the pandemic hit. That was the test of humanity and the financial institutions that claim to be handling the world’s economy.

The financial institutions were rendered helpless and without any support. That was the time when the financial institutions from all around the world found themselves helpless for the first time in decades.

That is when the lottery games from all over the world provided people the opportunity to play and win. At present, there are 44 states in the United States that support lottery games. This is exactly what provided hope to the people in the harshest of times. The lotteries allowed people to take chances, keep themselves entertained, and get to enjoy their wins with joy.

One of the most liked and played lottery games in the United States is the Florida Lottery. For many decades, the Florida Lottery has helped people win thousands and millions worth of prizes.

The Florida Lottery has been making constant efforts to ensure that the people in the state remain hopeful. They always keep believing that one day could be theirs and they will have their lives changed forever.

As part of the practice, the Florida Lottery has revealed the story of a lucky woman from Melbourne, Florida. The name of the lucky winner is Maritza Arechavala, who is a regular lottery player for the Florida Lottery games.

Maritza had purchased the $20 Monopoly Jackpot Scratch-Off game ticket that helped her win the top prize. The player was the luckiest when she came to know she had won the $1 million jackpot prize. The player had dropped the winning ticket into the dropbox that was located at the Orland District Office.

The Florida Lottery has revealed when the player showed up to claim the prize, she went for the one-time lump sum of $715,000.

Maritza had purchased the ticket from the 7-Eleven store that is located at 5700 North Wickham Road (Melbourne). The Florida Lottery congratulated the store for selling the ticket that won the player $1 million. The Florida Lottery has also confirmed that the store will be receiving a $2,000 bonus incentive for selling the ticket.

The player also revealed what she was going to do with the money she won. She is going to buy herself a new house, a new car, and go out on holidays with her entire family.

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