Two Lottery Winners in United States End up Winning Prizes worth More Than $1 Billion in Total


The year 2020 is turning out to be very lucky for the lottery players around the world. Just recently, a player who was a small-time clerk in India ended up winning a $1.65 Million lottery prize. In India, this prize translates to be around INR120 million, which is a huge amount for its residents.

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This time around, it is not just one but two winners from the United States who had luck knocking on their doors. The first lucky winner is a resident from New Hampshire who bagged a jackpot prize worth a whopping $560 Million. The player won the prize in the Powerball Lottery just recently.

Just a few days later, another lucky lottery player was seen dancing with joy and excitement. This lucky winner was a resident from Florida who ended up winning a $487 Million jackpot prize.

Hence, for the first time in the history of U.S. lotteries, there have been two lucky winners whose total prize win has broken the $1 billion barrier.

The lottery officials confirmed that the $560 Million prize-winning lottery ticket from New Hampshire was sold at the Reeds Ferry Market based in Merrimack. It is the sixth-largest prize money winner in the history of the Powerball lottery.

The $487 Million prize-winning ticket of the Mega Millions lottery was purchased from a 7-Eleven store. The store is located in a very small central town that is based in Port Richey, Florida. The $487 Million prize win is marked as the fourth-largest prize money in Mega Millions’ history.

So far, the winners of either of the lotteries have not been identified or have come-forth to claim their prize.

The lottery officials for both lottery organizations have congratulated the winners. However, they have advised the winners to be very cautious about revealing their identity and their win in public.

The executive from the New Hampshire lottery advised their winner to think carefully before claiming the prize.

He stated that the player should consult the entire case with his/her lawyer, get guidance from a financial advisor. Once the winner knows what he/she needs to do with the money, then they should come and claim the prize money.

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