Two Lucky New York Lottery Players Wins $2,000,000 Playing Treasure Hunt Scratch-Off Game


The New York lottery is excited to announce the winning stories of two lucky winners, but this time, there is a bit of a change. This time, instead of talking about its most popular lottery draw game known as “Take 5”, the New York lottery is talking about the “Treasure Hunt Scratch-Off” game.

It is one of the top scratch-off games offered by the New York lottery and it happens to produce many millionaires on a weekly basis. This time as well, the players it is honoring are the ones that have won millions of dollars in prizes playing the scratch-off game.

Both players purchased a ticket for the Treasure Hunt Scratch-Off game from different areas and at different times. However, fate brought both players together as they managed to win $1,000,000 each playing the particular game.

Parminder Kaur from Olathe wins $1,000,000

The first winner on the list is Parminder Kaur who is a resident from Olathe, Kansas. According to Kaur, she is still trying to make herself believe that she has actually won huge prize money playing the Treasure Hunt Scratch-Off game.

Kaur is still under a huge shock as she had not imagined that she would win such huge prize money playing the scratch-off game. Finally, she managed to win huge prize money and she is going to have a wonderful time with the money she has won.

Kaur confirmed she had purchased her $1,000,000 prize-winning ticket from Multi 321 Petroleum. The particular petroleum station is located at 252-02 Union Turnpike, Bellerose.

Kaur had the option of receiving her money on a weekly/monthly basis or receiving it in a single go. The winner decided to go for the one-time lump sum of $598,920, after tax deductions.

Bonnie Snell from Montgomery County wins $1,000,000

The second winner is Bonnie Snell who has also marked her name as one of the recent million-dollar prize winners playing the Treasure Hunt Scratch-Off game. Bonnie Snell is currently residing in Montgomery County, but now, she has plans of moving to a different location.

Snell revealed she had been playing the particular game for a very long time. She stated that she has always been attracted to scratch-off games, and she found no interest in playing the draw games. She is glad that her preference finally paid off in the form of a million-dollar prize.

Snell also opted for the one-time lump sum prize money and took home $546,840 from the Treasure Hunt Scratch-Off game.

She had purchased her $1,000,000 prize-winning ticket from Q’s Mart. The particular mart is located at 1 East Main Street, Nelliston.

The prize winners of the Treasure Hunt Scratch-Off game have until the end of December 2022 to claim their prizes.

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