Two Players Win over $75,000 Playing New York Lottery


If you are feeling bored, need something to excite you, and are a lottery lover, then the New York lottery has just the right thing for you. The New York lottery brings you two major announcements involving two lucky winners from Port Washington and East Elmhurst.

Once again, it is an exciting announcement for the entire lottery community, and especially, for the New York lottery officials. As always, the New York lottery has many announcements to make. While most of the lottery games produce winners two or three times a week, the New York lottery does it differently.

The New York lottery is known for producing winners on a daily basis. To be precise, the New York lottery does it twice per day. This is because it offers one of the most phenomenal games in the form of Take 5.

Take 5 is a draw game played throughout the state of New York. The game has draws that take place twice per day that goes on for an entire year with the exception of Christmas Day.

The game is known for bringing in millions of players together wanting to try their lucks and win prizes. Out of many winners, the New York lottery mentions two or more winners in a single announcement to honor their participation and their wins.

Winner from Port Washington Takes Home $42,045.50

The first winner Take 5 has produced was a player who participated in the February 25 draw from Port Washington. Among the two (midday & evening) draws held on February 25, it was the evening draw the Port Washington player decided to go for.

The winning numbers for the February 5 (evening) draw were 33-30-23-22-3. The Port Washington player was fortunate as he matched all five numbers, winning the top prize money ($42,045.50) from the draw.

The Port Washington player had purchased his ticket from TGA USA. The particular store is located at 570 Port Washington Boulevard, Port Washington.

Winner from East Elmhurst Takes Home $35,543

The second winner that the Take 5 lottery has honored in this announcement was a participant from East Elmhurst. It was the evening draw on February 27 that proved extremely fortunate for the player and he won the top prize from the game.

The winning numbers for the February 27 (evening) draw were 38-37-31-23-5. Fortunately, the East Elmhurst player matched all the numbers to win the $35,543 prize money from the particular draw.

The East Elmhurst player had reportedly purchased his February 27 (evening) draw ticket from TCE Management. The particular store is located at 107-10 Astoria Boulevard, East Elmhurst.

In total, the couple managed to win prize money worth $77,588.50, which is quite a handsome figure.

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