Virginia Man Lands two Winning Tickets in Same Powerball Draw


For most people, winning the lottery is an experience they go through once-in-a-lifetime, but the same does not apply to one man hailing from Virginia.

This month, one lucky man was able to win hundreds of dollars twice in the same Powerball lottery drawing.

The winner

Covington’s Ben Baker had purchased a total of 10 tickets for the Powerball Lottery draw that was scheduled to take place on March 4th, 2023.

On Friday, the Virginia Lottery issued a press release in which they disclosed that the winning numbers drawn in the March 4th Powerball draw were 10, 16, 18, 40, 66 and 16 was the Powerball number.

According to the Virginia Lottery, the tickets had been purchased from the local Food Lion grocery store. Baker was able to hit the Match 4 as well as the Powerball number on two tickets that he had bought.

The difference

Normally, each winning ticket would have a prize of $50,000 each in this scenario. But, it turns out that Baker truly had luck on his side because he had spent an additional dollar to buy the Power Play option.

This meant that thanks to the 3X Power Play, Baker was able to triple his prize to $150,000 each. Therefore, he won a whopping $300,000 from the two winning tickets in the Powerball lottery draw.

Baker said that he was truly lucky and revealed that he intended to use some of his winnings for making home improvements and would save the rest of the money.

Other winner

Earlier in March, there was another winner from Michigan who almost missed out on their Powerball winnings worth $1 million.

51-year old Ana Elizade had purchased the winning ticket back in February and had handed it over to her husband for safekeeping.

She told the Michigan Lottery that her husband had found the ticket a week after the drawing in his coat pocket and they had realized that they had never checked it.

She stated that they had gone to the store to scan the ticket and were told to file a claim. When they ran the numbers online, they realized they had won $1 million.

Elizade shared with the lottery board that she intends to use her winnings for paying off her bills, funding her children’s education and would also save some.

The Powerball Lottery draws are held three times each week, on Monday, Wednesday and Saturday.

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