Woman Wins Lottery Prize while Waiting for Dinner


According to a woman in Maryland, arriving at an eatery to pick up her to-go chicken order ahead of time allowed her to win a lottery jackpot worth $80,000. Speaking to Maryland lottery officials, the 53-year old Frederick woman said that she had gone to pick up a to-go order of chicken wings at the Belle’s Sports Bar & Grill. 

There, she ended up deciding to try her luck playing Keno for the very first time because her order wasn’t ready yet. The woman said that she never played Keno and had always gone for scratch-offs, so it was definitely a change inhabit. The player said that she used some random numbers and family birthdays for filling out a 6-spot ticket and had done so for two drawings, also taking advantage of the Super Bonus multiplier option.

She disclosed that she didn’t find out until after she had received her food that her beginner’s luck in Keno appeared to have paid off because she won a jackpot worth $80,000. When asked about her plans for the winnings, she said that she was going to use some of them to pay off her bills and was then going to take a vacation to someplace warm.

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