Youngest Ever EuroMillions Winner Planning a Makeover


The youngest ever winner of the EuroMillions lottery draw said that she wants to change the way she looks and is topping up her OnlyFans bank account.

A makeover

Since she landed her EuroMillions win in Edinburg, Scotland back in 2013, Jane Park has become somewhat of a celebrity.

She recently said that she was feeling ‘dead ugly’ due to which she felt that she was due for a makeover. After scooping up a prize in the EuroMillions lottery nine years ago, she has spent her winnings on different items.

She used the cash for spending on cars, holidays, cosmetic surgery, designer clothes as well as a three-bedroom home.

In order to generate some additional income for herself, the EuroMillions winner opened an account on the racy content sharing website.

She is able to rake in thousands of dollars from her OnlyFans account and the 25 year old recently said that she believes a makeover is now required.

She reminisced about how her appearance has evolved over the years and shared pictures of her various hairstyles.

She added that she missed her blonde her and said that someone should convince her hairdresser Ashley to let her go back to it.

Hair decisions

She also shared a picture from her past in which she had chocolate brown hair, but reassured her hairdresser that she did not intend to return to that particular look again.

After sharing a couple of pictures of her boasting peroxide blond hair, she also shared a wonderful selfie in which her natural hair color was highlighted.

The winner added that she loved her natural hair color and was blessed to have it. But, she asserted that she had gotten bored of it and felt ‘dead ugly’, meaning that it was time for a makeover.

She had been 17 year old at the time of her win and had been working as an admin temp, earning £8 per hour.

She had also been living in a two-bedroom flat with her mother Linda on an Edinburgh council state, when she had managed to land the prize.

Last year, she had talked about her big win and she said that she had always believed winning the lottery would be amazing.

However, she added that she had cried herself to sleep and that the novelty had worn off soon enough, leaving her bored.

She said that at one point she had come to hate the entire situation and did not want to deal with all the emotions.

She said that she had imagined her life to be amazing because she would become a huge celebrity and there would be red carpets.

But, she found herself living alone in a three-bedroom apartment and cried herself to sleep.

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