Mega Millions Jackpot Climbs to $380 Million


The Mega Millions lottery draw was conducted on Friday, September 30th and it had a jackpot worth $355 million that came with a cash option of $187 million.

No grand prize winner

The winning numbers for the drawing on Friday, September 30th were 16, 26, 37, 40, 51 and 06 was the gold Mega Ball and 4X was the Megaplier.

Unfortunately, there were no winners for the jackpot in Friday night’s draw, as no one was able to match the drawn numbers.

Therefore, this means that the jackpot for the next Mega Millions draw will grow because the one for the existing one would roll down.

The next Mega Millions draw is scheduled for Tuesday, October 4th and its jackpot is now a whopping $380 million that comes with a cash value of $198.4 million.

Other prizes

While there may not have been any grand prize winners in the draw on Friday night, there were other players who were able to claim prizes.

However, there were certainly no instant millionaires, which means that no one had managed to hit the Match 5 that would have allowed them to walk away with $1 million.

Had they decided to play the Megaplier as well, they would have increased their prize to $4 million. But, no one was lucky enough to do so in Friday night’s Mega Millions lottery draw.

But, there were twenty-two players who managed to hit the Match 4 as well as the gold Mega Ball, which allowed them to win $10,000 each.

There were four players who not only hit the Match 4 and the gold Mega Ball, but also opted for the Megaplier, which meant that they walked away with $40,000 each.

The rest of the winning amounts on Friday night were between $2 and $2,000.

September 20th drawing

This latest prize comes after a $1 million prize was won by a sister and brother from Virginia. The siblings disclosed that they often join hands to play the lottery.

In the September 20th drawing of the Mega Millions lottery, the two were able to hit the Match 5 that helped them win the $1 million prize.

The brother is planning on using his share of the prize to make donations to his favorite charities. As for the sister, she wants to use her winnings to travel.

Those who win the Mega Millions jackpot have the option of claiming their prize as a lump sum, or can also get an annuity.

Opting for an annuity means that they receive one immediate payment and then get 29 annual payments that rise each year by 5%.

People can play the Mega Millions lottery in the Virgin Islands, the District of Columbia, other than 45 states every Tuesday and Friday.

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