$250,000 Powerball Winners Crowned in Louisiana


According to the Louisiana Lottery, the tickets sold for the Powerball drawing in the previous week have produced winners of $250,000 in Louisiana.

Thanks to these big wins, Louisiana is able to continue with its ‘streak’ of luck in the lottery. It should be noted that there was no big jackpot winner who got a $250,000 payday.

The prize is divided in two tickets, but this does not mean it is something to sneeze at.

The drawing

Moreover, these big prize winners were not awarded in this weekend’s drawing of the Powerball on Saturday, or the Mega Millions on Friday.

While the two lottery draws did produce a number of winners in the lottery players in Louisiana, there were no prizes larger than $500 in the Mega Millions drawing on Friday and $300 in the Powerball drawing on Saturday.

The drawing that saw players win $250,000 was the Powerball game on last Wednesday, August 24th.

The winning numbers for the draw in question were 06, 24, 35, 37 and 44, with 22 as the Powerball number and x2 the PowerPlay.

The winners

Both of the lucky ticket holders in Louisiana were able to match four out of the five numbers, along with the Powerball number.

However, there is a difference in prizes, as one winner managed to win $50,000 and the other landed a prize of $200,000.

This is because the latter winner decided to take advantage of the PowerPlay. Hence, they saw their $50,000 prize multiplied by four.

According to the Louisiana lottery officials, the $50,000 lucky winner bought their ticket in West Monroe at Smoker’s Express #2.

As for the ticket that landed the winner the $200,000 prize, it had been sold on North Cities Service Highway at E-Z Mart in Sulphur.

In order to claim their prize, the two winners will have to get in touch with Louisiana lottery officials. Meanwhile, the Powerball lottery jackpot has continued to roll over since then.

The draw on Saturday, August 27th, had a jackpot of $124 million.

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