Missouri Lottery Players Win $50,000 Prize in Powerball Lottery


Everyone says persistence can eventually pay off and it appears that it did so in the case of two lottery players who had been playing the same numbers for about three decades.

A well-earned win

Hailing from Missouri, the two lottery players were rewarded for their tenacity, as they were able to split a $50,000 prize in the Powerball lottery draw that was conducted on June 25th.

The Missouri Lottery disclosed that the players finally got their payday after thirty years, but they chose to remain anonymous.

One of the winners disclosed that the numbers they had chosen to play held a special significance for their family members.

The player said that they had been using the same numbers and it was a big surprise that they managed to win.

Winning numbers

The winning numbers in the Powerball Lottery draw on June 25th were 06, 12, 20, 27 and 32 and 4 was the Powerball number.

The two lucky players had been able to match four out of the five numbers, along with the Powerball number, which helped them net the prize.

Meanwhile, the Mega Millions lottery had been creating a lot of hype, as the last time the jackpot had been claimed was in the draw on April 15th. The jackpot had been $20 million then.

But, since then, there had been no winners, which saw the jackpot climb until it had reached a $1.28 billion for Friday night’s draw on 29th July.

The dry spell finally came to an end, as one lucky winner from Illinois has managed to win the massive prize, which is the third largest prize in history of the lottery.

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