USA Powerball Lotto Jackpot Rolls-over to $337 Million – Biggest Jackpot in the World Right Now

No one won Wednesday’s $302,000,000 US Powerball lotto jackpot draw, so the jackpot has rolled over and now stands at an estimated $337,000,000.

The numbers drawn on the Wednesday draw were 4-33-39-46-60. The Powerball was 6. None of the millions of people who had bought a ticket were lucky enough to win the jackpot and no one has won the full jackpot since April 1- this is why the jackpot is at such a large size this week.

There were also no 5 ball matching prizes – meaning that no one won any 2nd tier prizes which can be worth $1,000,000 or more.

You can purchase tickets online for the next draw that has a jackpot prize of an estimated $337,000,000, it is currently the biggest jackpot prize in the world right now.

US Powerball Odds and Prizes

Genuine Scanned Tickets Online
Genuine Scanned Tickets Online

How to Buy Tickets Online:

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LottoAgent – Powerball ticket is $5.29 per line (for first line) with second line for free and discounts of up to %13 off when purchasing several lines. PowerPlay for $1.99 per line. Can’t buy tickets for many draws ahead of time. No subscription available. Genuine scanned tickets.



If you buy a ticket online and win the jackpot you get payed the whole prize in full!

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