EuroMillions Player Won £239,000 Days before Christmas


One lucky player from County Durham struck it big before Christmas in the EuroMillions lottery, as he won a staggering £239,849.70.

The National Lottery confirmed the win and the player was identified as just Mr. C. The winner said that he was going to use his winnings to buy a new home.

The win

The County Durham winner participated in the EuroMillions lottery draw that was held on December 16th, Friday, and was able to match all five main numbers as well as one Lucky Star number for the win.

He had opted for a Lucky Dip through the National Lottery app and was one of the eight million players who are able to land prizes in the different games every week.

Interactive winners are usually given the option of deciding if they want to keep their name anonymous, as Mr. C, chose to do, or release their names and details fully, or even partially.

The National Lottery’s senior winners’ adviser, Andy Carter said that the news was incredible for Mr. C because he had won such a big prize and could now purchase his dream home.

Another win

It should be noted that he was not the only won to have won in the EuroMillions lottery that week. There was another mysterious winner who bagged almost £100,000 in the same week.

The winner was from Hampshire and they participated in the EuroMillions lottery draw held on Tuesday, December 13th, 2022.

Identified only as Mr. B, he had also managed to match the five main numbers in the draw and one Lucky Star number, which allowed him to win £91,688.90.

The lucky winner has already bought himself a BMW with the prize and plans on using some of the prize to pay the deposit of his new home.

The Hampshire local had opted to use the National Lottery app and had played random numbers to participate in the draw.

Camelot’s Andy Carter said that the win was going to be incredible for Mr. B, as he would be able to enjoy his new car and home.

National Lottery

Thanks to those who participate in games of the National Lottery, a total of £30 million is generated on a weekly basis for different projects.

The funds are used for supporting everything, from helping athletes in winning medals to the local charity within your community.

Up until now, almost £47 billion has been accumulated for the National Lottery Good Causes and individual grants numbering 670,000 or more have been given.

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