Limerick Records Second Big Win within Days


In just a matter of a few days, another big National Lottery has emerged from Limerick. It had been announced last Thursday that the Irish Lotto draw on Wednesday, January 4th, 2023, had won €11 million.

It was revealed that the winner had bought the Quick Pick ticket in Foynes at Kelly’s Costcutter, which had allowed them to win the jackpot in the draw.

Another win

It was revealed on Sunday that there had been yet another winner in the Irish Lotto draw on Saturday, January 7th, 2023.

This time around, the winner landed a prize close to €200,000 after hitting Match 5 as well as the bonus number.

The ticket had been bought in Ballylanders at Hayes’ Mace and the winner was able to win €194,994. The winning numbers for the draw on Saturday night were 09, 10, 25, 32, 34 and 38, while 23 was the bonus number.

The store

The proprietor of the store, Mairead Hayes said on Sunday that there was a lot of buzz surrounding the village and there was also a lot of speculation and fun.

She said that they were hoping that the winner would turn out to be local and also a regular customer, but added that they would be happy for whoever had won the prize because it was a really nice amount of money.

Mairead said that since they are located on the Old Cork-Limerick road, it allows them to cover a wide area and they also get a lot of passing trade.

Therefore, she said that it could turn out to be anyone and she was delighted on their behalf. Hers is a family business and she is the fourth generation to run it.

It should be noted that it is the biggest amount that a player has won from participating in the Lotto in Ballylanders from Hayes’ shop.

Previous prizes

Mairead stated that they had had a couple of other prizes worth €5,000, or less, but it had not even be close to this amount.

She said that it was the biggest prize in Ireland and a great thing for a small country shop as well as Limerick, especially when there had already been a big one a couple of days earlier in Foynes.

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