Man Regrets Splitting with Girlfriend before Family’s EuroMillions Win


A man expressed his regret at breaking things off with his girlfriend, only a few months before her family landed a EuroMillions jackpot worth £61 million.

Double heartache

Daniel White said that he and Courtney Davies were childhood sweethearts, but he got dumped because the two had drifted apart.

It turned into double heartache for the rugby player because his friends began to ridicule him after finding out that her family had landed a prize in the EuroMillions lottery.

Courtney and Daniel attended the Monmouth Comprehensive School in Wales and dated for two years before they broke up.

According to the 27 year old, it had been a teenage and school romance that eventually faded. He said that they had different friends and interests.

However, he did not know that his decision to not fight to be together would become a major mistake.

The win

Courtney’s sister Stephanie bought a lucky dip ticket back in 2016 from her local garage. The ticket helped them win the £61 million prize.

The family was very generous and also shared the fortune with Stephanie’s boyfriend, who received a sum of £12 million.

At the time, Stephanie and Daniel had been neighbors. He stated that all his friends made fun of him. He said that he had found out about the win when his phone went nuts.

His friend sent him links and Snapchats and asked if he was gutted. One of them asked him how much he had cried after finding out.

He said that he was happy for the family, but he was gutted because he could have also won.

Family feud

In another incident, a bus syndicate helped a man land a prize of £3.1 million in the EuroMillions lottery, which kicked off a family feud.

One of the lucky workers who was able to win £38 million in Corby, Northants, was Alex Robertson, but the jackpot brought him a lot of trouble.

His sons claimed that the father refused to share his winnings with the family. 45 year old Alex Jr. admitted that they had ended up using a hammer on their father’s two 4×5 Shoguns he had purchased.

He stated that they had gone up the driveway at night at 11’o clock and put two hammers through the car window.

They had then reported themselves to the police and said that the lottery win drove the family apart.

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