Two EuroMillions Millionaires May Not Realize They Have Winning Tickets


August turned out to be an exciting month for lottery players in Ireland, as there were five people who became millionaires in just four weeks.

The National Lottery asked players to carefully check their tickets because two of the newest millionaires from Ireland have not claimed their prizes

This was after the ‘Ireland only raffle draws’ of the EuroMillions lottery that were organized in this month.

Unclaimed prizes

On Friday, August 19th, a third player became a millionaire in August, hailing from Co Galway, who bought the ticket in Costcutter, Bealadangan to win a whopping €1,005,000.

There was also a player from Co Kildare who bought their ticket online, or via the National Lottery app, who became the fourth millionaire on August 26th when they also won €1,005,000.

Since neither of the two winners have come forward to claim their prizes, the National Lottery is urging lottery players in both counties to check their tickets.

The winning raffle code in the ‘Ireland Only Raffle’ of the EuroMillions draw for the Galway winner was I – NCR – 41927.

As for the winning raffle code of the player from Kildare, it was I – NDJ – 62913.

Big win

The first big win of the month had taken place on August 3rd, Wednesday when the lotto jackpot prize was scooped up by a bunch of street cleaners of the Galway City Council.

It was a syndicate win, which comprised of 10 members, and had first been formed about 25 years ago. All the numbers that were chosen for the draw had been individually chosen by each of the members.

One syndicate member talked about how they had to carry on for so many years with their belief. He stated that they had thought about changing the numbers at one point, but decided not to do so.

In fact, a syndicate member had also talked about leaving in the previous year, but had been convinced to stay and it turned out to be a good thing.

The syndicate won €5,541,000, which makes it the 7th jackpot of the Ireland lotto for the year. The winning ticket had been sold on July 31st, Sunday at Galway Shopping Centre.

Ireland only raffle

It was only after the big win that the announcement of the EuroMillions ‘Ireland only raffle draw’ was made by the National Lottery.

The draw guaranteed a winner in Ireland on the 5th, 12th, 19th and 26th of August with a prize of €1 million.

The other winners

The first August 5th winner was from Co. Silgo who opted to remain anonymous and bought their ticket from The Regional Stores, Ballinode to win €1,005,000.

The winner said that they had been walking around with the winning ticket in their pocket without knowing.

They said that they did not have any big plans, but the money would help with the cost of living, which has gotten so high.

The second millionaire also chose to keep their privacy and was from Co. Tipperary. The winner said that they would go on a luxury holiday with the family.

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