Unclaimed Euro Millions Winning Ticket Purchased in Walsall


The National Lottery in the UK is looking for a secret millionaire in Walsall who bought a Euro Millions ticket. It is guaranteed by the Euro Millions UK Millionaire Maker that a millionaire will be created in every draw. However, there were a total of 20 millionaires in the draw that was conducted on September 18th, 2020. The National Lottery is now urging all players in Walsall to take a look at their Euro Millions UK code because one of the 20 prizes still remains unclaimed.

They are now searching for the individual who bought the winning ticket, as it was purchased in the Walsall area. ZVKP 53227 was the winning code in the draw on September 18th. The ticket holder can claim his prize up until March 17th, 2021. The senior winner advisor at the National Lottery, Andy Carter of Camelot, said that they were desperately looking for the mystery winner in order to give them their winnings. He said that the prize was amazing and could certainly make a big difference in the winner’s life, so they were urging all those people who had bought a ticket in Walsall to check their old Euro Millions ticket to find their ticket if it has gone missing.

He stated that they were asking players to use the National Lottery App and the National Lottery website for scanning their tickets to see if they have won the prize. They can also get their ticket checked in their local shops. He asked people to look for the ticket in their wallets, clothing, and bags and even in the back of the sofa. Andy Carter said that they were ready to give out the prize, as soon as the lucky winner steps forward to claim it.

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