Search for Mystery Canberra Winner is On


After last night’s Lotto draw, a resident of Canberra or a visitor has become richer by $11 million, but it appears that they are not yet aware of it. 

The mystery winner had the only division one entry, which means that they will be able to take home a fully unclaimed prize worth $11.2 million. Since the ticket was unregistered, it is not possible for the officials to get in touch with the new multi-millionaire. Lauren Cooney, the spokesperson for the Lott said that the winner had probably woken up this morning and was going around doing their usual Wednesday chores, having no idea that they have won a prize of $11 million. She said that they may be going to work, even though they can now retire early or resign if they want. 

The lucky ticket had been bought at Charnwood Newsagency and its owner, Stephen Dowling, said that they were eagerly waiting for the winner to come forward and claim their prize. Mr. Dowling said that they were asking all who had bought their tickets with them to check their tickets. He said that they were looking forward to seeing the winner happy. 12, 26, 22, 13, 10, 43, and 25 were the winning numbers in the Oz Lotto draw 1309, while 32 and 2 are supplementary numbers.

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