3 Lotto 6/49 Tickets That Are Going To Change Lives For Some

The famous Canadian lottery is definitely paying off this summer. Jackpots are being hit quite fast and the prize monies are huge for the winners. Let us hope that the winners have not forgotten about their lottery tickets or ended up losing them during laundry. The latest draws have produced some great prizes at the end of July and as soon as August began. One of the mention-able wins that took place this year was on July 22, 2015. There were two winners of this jackpot and their lives will be changed forever after they discover their win.

Lotto 6/49 announces its draws on Saturdays and Wednesdays. The Wednesday of July 22 proved to be life changing for the winners of the huge jackpot of more than $20 million. After the announcement of the results it was found out that there were two winners for this jackpot. In addition to that, there were 7 winners who got the second prize. The winning tickets matched all the six numbers. The six matching numbers on the tickets were 06-09-13-26-27-46 and bonus number 15. This huge prize will be given to two winners where one belongs to Burlington and other from Quebec.

On the next draw there was no jackpot hit and so the $5 million rolled over to the next draw. Once again there was no winner on the draw that took place on July 29, 2015. This rollover meant that now the jackpot prize was over $7 million. The rollover took place once again on the Saturday of August 01. The jackpot prize money was now big enough to make even the millionaires drool for it. The jackpot was then finally hit on August 05, 2015. By the time this jackpot was hit the prize money had gone beyond $14 million.

The big news in this particular draw was that this prize money has been won by a single ticket so there is no one to share the prize money with the winning ticket. The winning ticket number was 08-23-29-34-35-48 bonus number 36. There were 4 winners of the second prize. The new jackpot winning journey will start on Saturday, August 08. This time the lucky winner of this whopping $14 million is from The Prairies. No one knows what the winner of this jackpot would be doing right now but they definitely need to check their ticket to start a changed journey of life.

Lotto 6/49 is an old lottery that takes place in Canada. The biggest move for this particular lottery was that it brought the system of allowing users to pick their numbers. The least a person can win while playing Lotto 6/49 is $5 million. When there are more winners of the jackpot the money gets split. The same happens when a second prize is won by many people. According to the latest news the person who has won the latest jackpot has still not claimed their win but we can wait and watch as that person gets ready to be surprised out of their senses.

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