TheLotter: It is Possible to be Fortunate in Lottery Two Times! This is how…

Just picture being a winner of the Powerball lottery! Your life could take a turn for the better… Now envision winning the lottery two times. Can this really happen? Well, with TheLotter it can!

It is believed that lottery luck just occurs once; however, this is not true. A lot of fascinating tales have been narrated regarding players who appear to draw lottery luck while winning astounding prizes many times.

Maybe there is a lesson to be learnt from these stories!

Couple Become Winners of £1 Million Pounds Two Times in EuroMillions

David and Kathleen Long’s story is one such example. This couple from Skuthorpe won £1 million in lottery two times in two years. According to Long, the initial win was in 2013 and it was splendid; it truly altered their lives.

Just after becoming winners, the two got married and retired early. ‘I kept telling everyone that I would do it once more. I simply had a feeling that one day this would be my chance,’ stated Long after winning £1 million prize for the second time in the Mega Friday draw for UK EuroMillions Mega on 27 March 2015.

According to Camelot (Lottery Organizers) this was an ‘exceptional circumstance,’ where a couple became winners of a prize like this two times, since it beat odds exceeding 283 billion to one.

A Married Couple from Ireland Wins Big Cash Not Just 2 Times but 9 Times!

They wish not to be identified, which is understandable: In June 2016, a couple from Dublin obtained €113,661 after five numbers matched with the bonus in the Lotto draw from Ireland.  ‘We are drawing nearer to the jackpot,’ stated the husband. ‘From when Lotto began, 5 figures have been matched by us and we shall not yet despair, where this jackpot is concerned.’

Obviously, in case the couple buys the Ireland Lotto subscription at the Ireland Lotto, they shall always be in a position to be winners of the popular jackpot!

Two Men from Massachusetts Each Become Winners of Prizes worth $1 Million

Howard Rankin, a resident of Framingham Massachusetts became a winner in November 2015, of an instant jackpot of $1 million after playing the Holiday Bonus instant game of $2,500,000 organized by Massachusetts State Lottery.

Ten months following this, he bought one ticket from the same shop and became a winner of another instant prize of $1 million. But, another two times million winner can be found in Massachusetts!  Lakeview’s Kevin Phillips became a winner of $1 million after he played the $10 instant game of ‘100X The Cash’ on 30 April 2014.

In the state however, another two times winner exists! According to Jane Hoyt, in January 2016 she claimed another $ 1 million prize.

Is it possible for individuals to score lottery wins more than once when buying tickets via a service for online ticket buying like the Lotter? Obviously, they can do this!

Think of the story below…

Three Huge Wins are Scored by Our Latvian Player in One Month

A.K. a Latvia member of Diamond VIP, who is our own star through TheLotter, experienced a wonderful 2013. He began with a whopping win of €578,000 in the Italian SuperStar draw of January 26th. After this, he made a score of three lottery wins in April; a pay-day of €10,000 in the La Primitiva, $2,318 in Canada Lotto 6/49 and $4,926 in France Lotto.

It is possible for you to win lotteries several times!

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