Lucky Woman from Basingstoke won £2,000,000 Playing National Lottery


The National Lottery is very excited to share the story of a player who is a resident of Basingstoke. The lottery officials have revealed that the name of the player is Lesley Herbert who is an animal lover and a resident of Basingstoke.

The officials have revealed that the confirmation of Herbert’s prize win turned into a tragedy as her pet ended up getting hurt just as she got the confirmation that she had won the huge prize.

According to the National Lottery officials, Lesley Herbert had opted for one of the top scratch-card games. The game is extremely popular among the Basingstoke residents as they love playing the scratch-card game. Lesley Herbert had reportedly gone for the Monopoly Riches Scratch-card that is powered by the National Lottery.

As per her, it was the very first time she had found herself compelled to play a lottery game. To her shock, her first experience turned out to be the best and now she is hoping to try her luck even more.

The 42-year-old prize winner stated that she was out doing grocery as she normally does on a weekly basis. That is when the idea of purchasing a lottery ticket popped into her mind and before even thinking twice, she went for the scratch-card.

The player stated that all she knew about lottery games before making an attempt herself was that they are nothing but a hoax. She knew no one in her family or friends who had played lottery games ever so there was no inspiration or influence at all.

This is the reason why Herbert went for the scratch-card instead of the lottery draw game as she didn’t want to wait an entire week to know the outcome.

The player stated that when she scratched the ticket, she was completely shocked to see the £2,000,000 prize mentioned on it. However, she wasn’t sure if it actually meant that she had won that much amount or not.

So she decided to double-check it from the lottery operators and called their helpline. However, as she received the confirmation from the operators she had won £2 million, her African Grey parrot “Bibi” ended up having an accident. As a result, the parrot had a dislocated foot and needed immediate attention.

Therefore, she couldn’t celebrate her win at that time and went to the vet for treatment right away. After getting the parrot’s foot taken care of, she cheered up again and sent photos of her win to all her family members and friends.

The player stated that animals are her life and she wants to do so much more to the animals as they are innocent and cannot speak up for themselves against the cruelty they face.

Lesley Herbert is determined to start doing her own work for animals around the world and start a charity program for the animals that need caring.

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