Three Scratch-Off Tickets from Pennsylvania Lottery Worth 1 Million a Piece Still Unclaimed


The Pennsylvania Lottery, one of the oldest in the United States is back with 3 huge announcements. The lottery officials are here to share the details of three major wins that have been achieved by three different players from different counties.

Unfortunately, the winners of each prize win are yet to show up and claim their huge prizes. The lottery officials are determined to put the word out for the players and have them contact the lottery office. The lottery officials are afraid that despite the claiming period being 1 year, they may end up getting their prizes expired.

The lottery officials have confirmed that all three prize winners had gone for the Scratch-Off game powered by the PA Lottery. As a result, each player has managed to win a huge million-dollar prize from the Scratch-Off game.

The officials have revealed that the first ticket opted for Scratch-Off “$1,000,000 Jackpot Party” has been sold in Schuylkill County. The ticket was sold from the Friendly Food Mart that is located at 415 South Main Street, Shenandoah. The store is entitled to receive a $5,000 bonus commission for selling the $1 million prize-winning ticket for the $1,000,000 Jackpot Party.

The second ticket was for the Scratch-Off “Millionaire Maker” that has been sold in Lackawanna County. The name of the store that sold the $1,000,000 prize-winning ticket has been sold from Sheetz. The particular Sheetz store is located at 1109 Northern Boulevard, Clarks Summit. The Sheetz store will be receiving a $5,000 bonus commission for selling the million-dollar prize-winning ticket for the Millionaire Maker.

The third ticket was for the Scratch-Off “Millionaire Maker” as well that has been sold from the Dunkin’ store. The particular Dunkin’ store is located at 549 Doylestown Road, Lansdale. The particular Dunkin’ store will also be receiving a bonus commission of $5,000 for selling the lucky Millionaire Maker ticket.

As always, the Pennsylvania Lottery officials have been trying their best to reach out to the players in order to handover their prize monies.

Sharing the details around the county and the store location is one of the maneuvers that the PA Lottery officials have been following in order to get in touch with the players.

With this, the officials try to create awareness among the rest of the lottery players. There are many players playing the PA Lottery games in the respective areas and buying tickets from the same stores. So players from near these areas can reach out to the winners and encourage them to show up and claim their prizes.

The lottery officials want the players to show up and claim their prize monies before they become expired.

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