Man’s Lottery Ticket worth $900,000 was a Birthday Gift


An Australian man just won a whopping $900,000 from a lottery ticket, but that best part is that he didn’t buy the ticket himself. It turned out to be the best birthday gift for him from his parents. A resident of Engadine, New South Wales, the man informed officials from The Lott that the ticket for the Saturday Lotto drawing on October 10th was given to him as a birthday gift. 

He revealed that his father and step-mother had given him the lucky ticket as part of a gift pack for his birthday. He was extremely excited and said that it was the most rewarding birthday gift he had ever received. The ticket turned out to be a top prize winner and helped him win $859,320. The man said that he had the ticket, but he hadn’t checked it yet. He said that he didn’t even know that the winner was from Engadine and he only found out because his parents called him yesterday to remind him to check it out. 

He said that his parents were quite desperate to find out if they had given him the winning ticket. As for his plans for the prize, the man said he would pay off his debts and buy a new car.

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