North Carolina Man Claims Forgotten $1 Million Powerball Ticket


The Powerball lottery jackpot that took place on Monday, August 15th resulted in a number of prizes. One of them was a $1 million dollar prize that had not been claimed.

Forgotten ticket

Lottery officials in North Carolina announced on August 16th that Monday night’s draw had resulted in a $1 million for a lucky player who had not come forward as yet.

This is when Donald West realized that he had completely forgotten to check his own lottery ticket. He told lottery officials that he had found on the website that a ticket had been sold in Hayesville.

The website said that the ticket was worth a million dollars and that is when West realized that he had not checked his own Powerball numbers on Tuesday like he usually does.

He had bought a Quick Pick ticket worth $2 from an Ingles grocery store and when the 63 year old checked the ticket, he found that he had indeed won the million dollar prize.

West was in shock and told lottery officials that he had been ecstatic. He said that he checked the ticket 15 to 20 times to confirm that he had really won.

The NC lottery website shows that the odds of West winning the prize were 1 in 11.6 million. After taxes, his winnings came close to $710,100.

He told lottery officials that he would use some of his winnings to pay his bills, but did not know what else he would do with the prize.

The latest draw

Meanwhile, the latest Powerball lottery drawing on Saturday, August 20th remained uneventful, as it did not have any winners for the $1 million prize.

Likewise, there were no winners of the grand prize in Saturday’s draw either, which means that the $82 million jackpot will now roll over for the draw on Monday, August 22nd.

The jackpot has now climbed to a total of $90 million and it comes with a cash value of $51 million. The numbers drawn on Saturday, August 20th were 05, 09, 11, 16 and 66, while 7 was the Powerball number.

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