Ten co-workers of Charlotte win $1 million Powerball prize

10 employees of Carpet Discount Warehouse had been playing lottery for 10 years and they finally won a prize of $ 1 million. The warehouse is owned by Charles Rush. He formed a strategy in which he had split the amount of lottery tickets and picked the same combination every time. He used to buy $120 worth tickets every week and all the players used to put in $12 in a week. This system worked so much that the 10 participants who won the lottery got $ 69,250 after all deductions. Over the past few years, more than $ 1000 was contributed by each player.

When Rush was interviewed, he said that he learned to gamble from his father when they were in Dallas. However, he refused to share his secret as to how he picked the numbers -6, 8, 13, 37 and 40. It was Charles’s son, Kirk Rush, who first got to know of the good news of the group’s success when he was checking the number on his computer screen. The group’s ticket had beaten the odds of 1 in a 5.1 million tickets by getting all its five white balls matched. According to the Book of Odds, a person’s chance to become a movie star is five times more than this.

He said that he screamed in a way that made his wife think that he got a heart attack. But this was not a big achievement for Charles and he said that he was much more excited when he had shot a 9 foot Alaska Brown Bear in the year 2008. Both the bear and the winning lottery ticket is placed in his warehouse now. Before this, Charles had also won a lottery of $40 million and this lottery amount seems to be a medium reward for him. He revealed that the group has been playing the Powerball lottery ever since they began working together. They had only forgotten to play one draw during the past years.

Charles used to buy the tickets at the Queen City Food Mart and it was Aron Gebre, an employee of the store, who sold him the ticket. The installation specialist of the store said that he would like to go to Hawaii this year. Kirk Rush said that he would play some poker in Jacksonville. Charles advised the group to spend their money responsibly and pay off any debts that they may have. He also promised his wife to go for a nice dinner date.

The other winners of this lottery draw are Jean Atkinson and Gelacio Rios of Matthews, Robert Coulam and Johanna Tinajero of Charlotte, Reid Glenn from Waxhawand Amy Watkins of Greensboro. Mecklenburg has won about $ 297 million and North Carolina won $ 1million from the time lottery had begun. These prizes could have been given to other individuals or the group winners of the same game. An Asheville resident is the biggest single winner who won the lottery ticket whose worth was more than $141 million.

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